Cask Conditioned Ale

Cask Conditioned Apricot Ale

Recap our Cask Condition Apricot Ale
Flatiron Hall - Enlighten Lager

Enlightened Lager

Less Carbs, Less Calories, Refreshing Summer Lager. 3.9% abv
Flatiron Hall - Apricot Ale

Summertime Apricot Ale

Now on Tap - Summertime Apricot Ale
Flatiron Hall Restaurant and Beer Cellar - Beer Stein

Beer Tasting 101: How to Tell the Skunky From the Merely Funky

With hundreds of new, unfamiliar craft beers on shelves these days, a lot of people tend to assume they've chosen the wrong brand when they get a taste of something they don't like.